Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spartacus: Most Evil Female Villains

This is the second part of the article that I have written and this time is about the females in the Spartacus series that had given us the fury, the hatred and most of all the thrill in every episode. I am sure that you know them very well but I have prepared here something that you can ponder.


She is the wife of Batiatus and Domina to all slaves under their roof. Quintus’s father did not want her because she did not have any family name and most of all he believes that she was a snake. Lucretia loves her husband very much but there is one thing that makes their family incomplete and that is a child. Lucretia always follows and supports her husband's plans. In Blood and Sand, Lucretia hated Spartacus so much. She loved Crixus and supported him in all the way and when Spartacus become the Champion of Capua, Lucretia had hated him even more but she does not show it because her husband sees Spartacus as the hero of their house.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Watch Spartacus War of the Damned Episode 1 Online

It is obvious that you are all excited to see the new season of Spartacus and I do not anymore worry why because this show is indeed the one that you can enjoy. There are things that we already know about the new season. There are new characters and also the new story line. Watch Spartacus War of the Damned Episode 1 Online and for sure you can get all the needed updates. Now back to the new season, they say that the new season will be more entertaining since it is the end.

The first episode is entitled, Enemies of Rome. I can say that it is like the Fugitivus episode of Vengeance. Well, it is the beginning and perhaps things should be explained first. Glaber is dead and the Roman Republic is afraid that the slaves might over power them. There is only hope for the Roman Empire and that is the man named Marcus Crassus. Wealthy, smart and influential-Crassus had all the things that he needs to seize glory but he cannot just make it himself because he knows that Spartacus is a formidable opponent.

Glaber made a very big mistake of underestimating the prowess of a slave. He had assumed that he is after a bunch of thieves and not warriors. This is a mistake that Crassus does not want to happen again. The Romans had the military might. They have superior weaponry and they have funds needed to sustain and army. The rebels cannot do the same but they have their own strategy. Watch Spartacus War of the Damned Episode 1 Online since the beginning has always the impression that lasts.

Whose power will prevail? Whose motive will be given opportunity? There are so many questions that are left hanging. These things are all what we aimed for so let us all join together to welcome the new episode. The rebels want nothing but freedom and the Romans only wanted to claim glory for Rome. Whose side are you on?

Friday, January 4, 2013

One Last Moment, New Spartacus: War of the Damned Trailer

I know that you are all excited to see the new season and perhaps if there is one thing that you would wish then it would be that the season starts tomorrow. Well we cannot do just that but the series does not sleep unless we are filled with enough excitement. The creators of Spartacus knows that every day is making the fans even more eager to see the show so there is always a way to keep the fire up.

So far, there are so many images that had been appearing and each of it is pointing a specific scene. There are a lot of videos that had been appearing too as well. New trailers, character focus videos and a lot of bunch of fan made videos. It is New Year and also the creators had us in mind. They had made a new video final video for the last season. If you are ready then play it now.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Spartacus: Most Evil Male Villains

Spartacus is a series that is made of a lot of things. I know that you know what I mean and that is why I made this special ranking or a sort of recap for the people that had made us mad and angry. I know that you know them very well. They are the people that had given our most loved characters the pain, agony, sorrow, the pain of betrayal and the taste of vengeance. For me these three is the evil of all and they have proven how cunning and unmerciful they are.

Quintus Lentulus Batiatus

The name Batiatus will never be forgotten. We can say that it all started in this house all the things that we seen. Quintus is a Lanista and he lives by trading and training gladiators. It is not an easy thing for him to rise to prominence. Like a common Roman citizen, Quintus is not that rich so he has to work hard to make his Ludus a prominent one in Capua. In the Gods of the Arena, Quintus is the leading character. The conflicts that he is facing are the views of disappointment of his father and also the threatening arch enemy. Tullius has always been his enemy until the end of the season.

Forced to the brink of his limits, Quintus was forced to make steps that had changed his life forever. His wife, Lucretia is supportive of him. His father did not like her because she had no riches, did not come from a family with a prominent name and most of all his father thinks that she is a snake.

Reasons for being most evil:

In the Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Quintus had made a cunning plan to defeat his rival. He had his best friend, Solonius to make a story that Tullius cannot resist. Earlier, Quintus’ father had agreed to Tullius of selling Gannicus to him but the trade was off when Quintus’ father died. Knowing that Quintus had agreed to sell Gannicus to the Syrians, Tullius gathers his men to kill Quintus. But they never realized that the trade was a planned ambush.
Tullius and his men were killed. Tullius was buried in the walls of the new Arena while Vettius was forced to retire from his profession as a Lanista.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Confirmed: Spartacus Returns This January 25

The epic series is again back this January 25, 2013 to start a new war to shaken the very foundation of Rome. Spartacus is one of the original series of Starz that had captivated the hearts of the people. We all know that Spartacus is based on the real accounts of history. According to the records, Spartacus is a gladiator who had leaded a rebellion. He was joined by his fellow slaves and this war was known as the Servile War.

Spartacus in the series as a Thracian. This was so because the history states that Spartacus hailed from Thrace. Spartacus played by Liam McIntyre was compassionate to his fellow slaves. He did not take his position as the Champion of Capua to oppress others but to protect them. His rebellion had started when his Dominus had betrayed him.